26 - 28 September, 2016 - Sheraton Brussels Airport, Brussels, Belgium

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Top 5 Global Patent Concerns for 2015

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10th Anniversary of Global Patent Congress

Global Patent Congress is firmly established as the leading patent event in Europe, enabling patent professionals to learn, interact and debate the latest strategies, ideas and tactics with one other. 

IP professionals are constantly being pulled in different directions. In today’s global markets, it is crucial to understand international legal frameworks across a wide range of diverse regions in order to anticipate change, harvest business opportunities and make strategic decisions to maximise return on your IP portfolio. 

With Europe introducing the Unified Patent Court, China producing initial feedback from its new specialised IP court, the US seeing an increasingly activist Supreme Court and Russia facing political backlash from the West, keeping an overview of what is going on around the globe has never been more important (changes in IP law, filing, litigation, licensing laws and enforcement.)

Additionally, the need for corporates to focus on generating value to their business through their patent portfolio is paramount, whether this is through licensing, divestiture/acquisition of patents or partnerships.  This is done through implementing and executing a powerful patent strategy, which adds value to the business, aligns with business strategy and works closely with R+D/ management. 

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