Over 200 attendees

35+ countries attended in 2013

50+ Heads of Intellectual Property Managers in 2013

60+ Patent and intellectual property Managers in 2013

Welcome to Global Patent Congress 2014

IP departments worldwide face extraordinary competing demands as you look to fully optimise your patent portfolio. From enforcement to monetisation, to litigation and licensing, filing and patent management plus developing a plan in line with business goals, IP professionals need to be able to effectively execute your IP strategy to ensure maximum value to your company.

At Europe’s leading patent forum, 8th Annual Global Patent Congress, 22nd – 24th September 2014 in Copenhagen, you will participate in industry discussions, sessions, debates and case studies to ensure you have the knowledge, updates, tactics and strategies you need at your disposal to optimise and protect your patent portfolio.

The summit is designed exclusively for Heads of Patents, Heads of IP and General Counsels, this is your opportunity to learn from global leaders and debate with your peers solutions to overcome IP challenges. At the Global Patent Congress you will be able formulate strategies to execute your patent management, licensing, litigation and enforcements plans.

In addition, at the Global Patent Congress, you will examine global IP developments and tips for working in challenging markets through the exclusive “Around the IP world in six discussions” session. Also, you will analyse latest policies and impacts including the European Unitary Patent and Court, plus the AIA to ensure you are delivering ROI from your patent portfolio. Download the agenda for more information.

Join 200+ attendees to discuss your key patent challenges including:

  • Updates about the European Unitary Patent and Court plus the America Invent Acts
  • Monetising and licensing your patents and generating revenue growth
  • Patent litigation and enforcement
  • Patent protection, opportunities and challenges in global markets including China, India, Russia and Latin America
  • Developing your tactical approach in crafting a strategic patent portfolios
  • Creating a framework to put IP at the heart of your company
  • IP strategy and execution
  • And much, much more, including brand new interactive sessions including roundtables, streams, workgroups, panel debates, demonstration test drives, bingo networking and fairground drinks reception

Just some of the 2013 attendees:

  • Aber Instruments Ltd
  • Astrazeneca
  • Brahms AG
  • BT
  • Dako International
  • DSM
  • DuPont Nutrition Biosciences
  • Embraer S A
  • F-Secure Corporation
  • GE Healthcare
  • Honda
  • IKEA
  • Intercell AG
  • LFB Biotechnologies
  • Maersk Drilling
  • Neste Oil
  • Nokia
  • Panasonic
  • Philips IP and Standards
  • SAAB
  • TomTom International B.V.
  • TRW Automotive
  • Umicore AG & Co. KG
  • United Phophorus
  • Vodafone

Who Should Attend?

This event is specifically designed for Patent Portfolio Director, Heads of IP’s, Patent Attorney, Heads of Licensing, and In-House Counsels who are responsible for their company’s patent portfolio management, commercialisation, filing strategies and litigation strategies and practices.

Key features which guarantees you get the information and meet the experts you need to:

  • Brand new speaker line up: exclusive case studies from across the IP global landscape
  • Interactive peer-to-peer sessions, learning opportunities and structured debates, roundtables, panels, workshops ensure you will get your questions answered
  • Patent bingo: meet your peers and the experts from the start of the event
  • 9 + hours for industry discussion and networking legislation updates, panel discussions and global patent round-up
  • IP service and solution test drives and demonstrations: you take control of the solutions you need
  • Fairground drinks reception: celebrate the world of IP in an exclusive drinks reception

Resource Centre

  • Intellectual Property in the Global Marketplace: An Industry Investigation - 2014Intellectual Property in the Global Marketplace: An Industry Investigation - 2014

    89.7% of professionals in industry believe that intellectual property is and will be significant for them in 2014. In April and May 2014, Legal IQ conducted Global Patent 2014 Survey. We surveyed our members, which consist of in-house Intellectual Property (IP), patent, trademark, brand, anti-counterfeiting, security officers among other professionals to bring together the latest insights into the IP area.

    Insights Include:
    • How companies are cutting IP costs
    • Which geographies are growing
    • The effect of industry litigiousness on IP strategy
    • How companies are approaching monetisation
    • How to gain stakeholder buy-in

    We then interviewed these thought leaders from diverse industry sectors including petrochemical, biotechnology and telecommunications to discover what the driving trends are in intellectual property and where they think the field is headed in the coming 18 months.

    Download the report

  • Leveraging IP and Patent Strategy for Business GrowthLeveraging IP and Patent Strategy for Business Growth
    Legal IQ's latest 22-page whitepaper explores how you can monetise your IP and patent strategy with insight from tech giant IBM's Director of Licensing, Bruno Leduc and niche operator Dako's Senior Principal Strategist of IP, Tom Briscoe. Download your copy here.
  • Trends and Challenges in Intellectual Property 2012-13
    As intellectual property becomes a clearer focus for business, company leaders are faced with a range of challenges such as where best to invest time and money to strengthen their portfolios, and ultimately avoid litigation, costs and compromises to security. Read the results of a Legal IQ survey on trends and challenges in IP.
  • Impact of the Global Business Environment: Trademarks & Patents
    Legal IQ recently completed a survey on Portfolio Management in Patents and Trademarks. The study had over 600 respondents representing legal portfolio management professionals working in a wide variety of industries and disciplines. Key industry commentators were invited to review the results and offer their analysis.
  • Leveraging IP Value at Shell - An Interview with Andrew Browne
    Andrew Browne, Senior IP Counsel at Shell believes the first step to leveraging IP value is to have a solid understanding of what that value is. In this interview he outlines the steps taken at Shell to ensure that valuation methods are implemented, risks are identified and potential roadblocks are addressed. He also discusses the potential impact of open innovation and unitary patent litigation will have on the field.
  • Revealing Innovative Methods for IP Awareness - Interviewing Stamicarbon's Jan-Willem Goedmakers
    Integrating awareness of IP internally is a challenge many companies struggle with. Jan-Willem Goedmakers Intellectual Asset Manager at Stamicarbon reveals how they tackle this challenge as part of a wider process of integrating IP within the innovation process. Find out about their methods in this exclusive interview.


 Andrew Browne
Andrew Browne
Senior IP Counsel
Shell International
 Ben Wang
Ben Wang
Head of Patents, China
 Olivier Thirard
Olivier Thirard
Deputy Legal Director, Intellectual Property
 Frank Bistervels
Frank Bistervels
Senior Director, IP&S Manager Lighting
Philips Intellectual Property & Standard
 Richard Vary
Richard Vary
Head of Litigation
Dr. Ulrike Grüning
Dr. Ulrike Grüning
Director Corporate Patents
Infineon Technologies
 Vernon Venne
Vernon Venne
Chief IP Counsel
 Aude de Clercq
Aude de Clercq
Technology Transfer Programme Office
European Space Agency
 Aman Trehan
Aman Trehan
General Manager Global IP
 Geovana Rosales
Geovana Rosales
Patent Manager, Corporate Patents Europe
DuPont Nutrition and Health
Dr. Manoj Haridas
Dr. Manoj Haridas
Head of Intellectual Property & Principal Scientist
ITC Limited
 Jan-Willem Goedmakers
Jan-Willem Goedmakers
Intellectual Asset Manager
 Tom Briscoe
Tom Briscoe
Senior Strategic IP Manager
Dr. Stefan Wilhelm
Dr. Stefan Wilhelm
EMEA IP Litigation Manager
 Tommi Lehtinen
Tommi Lehtinen
Head of IPR, Product IPR
 Suzanne Nguyen
Suzanne Nguyen
Global Patent Advisor, U.S. Patent Agent
Mölnlycke Health Care AB
Dr. Jürgen Eiselt
Dr. Jürgen Eiselt
Vice Director Corporate IPR
 Morten Garberg
Morten Garberg
British and European Patent Attorney
Hoffmann Eitle
 Ravi Srinivasan
Ravi Srinivasan
J A Kemp

Download the Agenda

What others have to say

“It was very informative, and excellent for networking. I made a whole book of notes. I can’t thank IQPC enough. Very high quality and I've recommended to the IP professionals that we work with that they come next time.” - Managing Director, Aber Instruments Ltd, Delegate, Global Patent Congress 2013
“Congratulations for the event - really interesting with great speakers.” – Head of IP, Bouygues Telecom, , Delegate, Global Patent Congress 2013
“I would like to congratulate you and the team for a wonderful event.” - Global Vice President Intellectual Property, DSM, Delegate, Global Patent Congress 2013
“It was indeed a great conference and I enjoyed both presenting and discussing as well as the networking opportunities. I am surely looking forward to the events of next year.” – Senior IP Manager, Umicore, Speaker Global Patent Congress 2013
“Thanks for organizing a well-attended, useful conference.” - Sr. Principal Strategist, Technology & IP, Dako, Delegate, Global Patent Congress 2014
“The conference was really well done. And the round table idea worked out brilliantly.” - Partner, Finnegans, Delegate, Global Patent Congress 2014